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   Prospective Members Tuesday, July 25, 2017   
 Prospective New Members

To become a member of LAWCX, an entity must be a public agency which is permitted to self-insure for workers’ compensation coverage in the State of California. Each member of LAWCX must commit to participate in LAWCX for a minimum of three full program years. Please note that for prospective members wishing to apply directly to LAWCX, there is a $1,000 application fee that is payable upon submission of the application. If a prospective member joins LAWCX, the application fee is credited back.


LAWCX currently offers a $150,000, $250,000, $350,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000 self-insured retention or a member can attach directly to the excess insurance.  The LAWCX members share losses from their self-insured retention up to $5 million.  LAWCX then purchases excess workers’ compensation coverage above $5 million to statutory coverage and employer’s liability coverage with limits up to $5 million each accident. The excess coverage is provided through the California Association of Counties – Excess Insurance Authority (CSAC-EIA).


The members are responsible for funding and paying the portion of each claim below the member’s self-insured retention.  Premiums are billed annually based on estimated payroll with a subsequent premium adjustment to reflect actual payroll.


LAWCX manages the claims, in conjunction with the member’s third party claims administrator, once they have reached LAWCX’s layer of coverage.  LAWCX has a claims management policy for its members, which was adopted by the Board in an effort to protect pooled funds by ensuring the members’ claims administrators are handling claims in the most prudent manner.


Each member of LAWCX is entitled to a seat on the Board.  Board votes are weighted based on the payroll of the member.  Each member is entitled to at least one vote, but no more than four votes.  LAWCX holds two regular Board meetings each year.  These meetings have historically been held in November and June. It is anticipated the meetings will be held in Sacramento, California.


LAWCX contracts with an independent claims auditor to perform a claims audit for LAWCX as well as a claims audit for each of the members of LAWCX. The cost for the members’ claims audit is included within the administrative expenses of LAWCX. 


If you are interested in joining LAWCX, please complete a prospective new member application. You can access the application by clicking here:




The prospective new member must fully complete the LAWCX prospective new member application, Form A, and data requirements. Copies of the following documents must be attached with your completed application:



Loss History reported per the requirements set forth in the Request for Detail Information – Electronic Data File Submission Workers’ Compensation Claims Information Specifications;


Resolution Providing Coverage for Volunteers, if your entity has adopted such a resolution;


Most Recent Claims Audit;


Most Recent Financial Audit;


Most Recent Workers’ Compensation Actuarial Study;


“Modified Duty” Policy (if your entity has adopted one); and


Agreement and Bylaws (if applicable).

If the prospective entity has been accredited by the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA), some requirements of the application may be waived. These requirements have been noted with an asterisk (*) on the application form.

Following receipt of the application, the LAWCX Manager will review the application to ensure all information has been provided. The application and underwriting information will then be submitted to the LAWCX Underwriting Committee and Board of Directors for evaluation.

If the prospective member is applying directly to LAWCX, the Board of Directors must approve the member prior to binding coverage. If the prospective member is applying as an underlyng member through an existing member JPA, the prospective member must be approved for membership by the Underwriting Committee prior to binding coverage.

After the prospective member has been evaluated and approved for membership, the LAWCX Executive Director will bind the required coverage. If necessary, the new member’s contribution will be pro-rated from the date of binding of coverage to the end of the program year (June 30th).

Submit the completed application with all requested documentation to the program administrator

1750 Creekside Oaks Drive, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95833

Phone: (916) 244-1124
Fax: (916) 244-1199
E-mail: administrator@lawcx.org 









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